Child's Play

I spent Easter night drinking light beer with four of my high school friends and a friend of one of them. You see one of them just graduated from a Military Academy in Baguio so we can say that the binge was for a justifiable cause. Well I didn't drink much for the simple reason that...I can't. Three bottles can already send me wobbling to the nearest leak station every 15 minutes. But let us not talk about my low alcohol tolerance. That will leave me vulnerable to people who want to take advantage of me.

We talked and caught up with each others' lives. J, my bestfriend since Grade I (whom I also whacked with a stick when we were in Grade I) said his chances of graduating this year is 70%. His lovelife is more than OK and he's still the jolly person we've known for years. R, the band turntablist meanwhile left his job at the call center and now does henna tattoo jobs here and there. He's going to the U.S. to join his family antime this year. E, who is in his vacation, is now a very lucky cruise ship crew, always roaming the European seas and interacting with Russian girls (wink, wink). V, the new military guy, is preparing for his Mindanao assignment and having the time of his life with prestige that comes with the graduation package of his school. And me, well, I'm good. Hehe.

And once again I'm reminded that I'm growing up. Fast. How can I say that I'm still young when I have a friend of my age doing soldier duties in Mindanao.

Makes we wanna think if I've done some grown-up duties lately.

(Play Gary V.'s "Growing Up aka Bagets theme" Outro here)


Jillsabs said...

growing up is so booo! let's all enjoy the inner child innate in all of us!

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Child's Play

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