Elvin just got back...

...from Hollywood. Unfortunately, he regrets to inform all his fans that he did not make it to TOP 24. That explains the sad sad face behind the bright bright golden ticket.

So here's what happened during my short-lived Idol journey. There are actually three levels of the audition. The one you see on TV is already the third screening. Unfortunately, you all didn't see my audition on TV due to copyright concerns. The producers say they just can't air a song without the song publisher's permission. So here's what happened inside the Idol auditions room in San Francisco:

Me: Hello. I'm sorry. I'm really nervous.
Simon: You don't have to be nervous if you're really good.
Guest Judge Brandy: So you're Elvin and you're Asian?
Me: Yes, Ma'am. I'm from the Philippines.
Simon: What are you gonna sing for us, Elvin?
Me: I'm gonna sing Zoom.
Simon: Ok go ahead. Let's hear it.
Me: Zoom, just one look and then my heart went boom, suddenly, and we were on the moon, flying high in a neon sky, oh. Bang, just one touch and all the church bells rang. Heaven called and all the angels sang. Sunrise shine in a midnight sky oh. Zoom, you chased the day away. I knew, the moon and stars came out to play and then my whole wide world went zoom...
Simon: (Raises hand) Thank You. You did great.
Me: (Nervous laughter) Thank You.
Randy: Yeah. I agree with Cowell. You're the best we've seen so far. You've great chances.
Brandy: I felt the soulfulness of your voice and I really do think you're a great vocalist.
Paula: (In tears): I don't know what to say...I...I think this show...is really made for people like you. Bravo Elvin. Well done.
Me: Wow, Thank you.
Simon: Randy what do you think.
Randy: Never been more sure. This dude can sing. I say yes, dawg! Brandy?
Brandy: Absolutely. Yes, yes, yes.
Paula: (stands up and claps) If I don't see you in the finals I'll quit this show. Yes!
Simon: We're gonna see you in Hollywood, Elvin. Congratulations.
Me: Thank you so much.

So days after that we all went to Hollywood. Then during the first night, I had a very bad case of sore throat! It was really painful! I couldn't even talk. With a really really hoarse voice, I called my parents back home and I told them I want to quit.

But I still tried. I tried to sing a few lines from Ain't No Sunshine. It was really horrible. I stopped and apologized to the judges and to everyone in that hall. Right there and then Simon told me that I don't deserve to be there and I really have to go home if I want to preserve the little drop of dignity left in me. Paula was a bit nicer. She said she wants to see me again next season. Randy didn't say a word.

So that concludes my Idol journey. No farewell video. No farewell performance. No product endorsements. No ASAP appearances. Sigh.


bullish1974 said...

ang kulit mo!
idol! :)

Mathew Hanger said...

Pinangatawanan mo na talaga ah..... ZOoooooom!

Ms. etc said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww, phhoor bhoyyyyyy! The sore throat sucks eh?

Welcome back Mr. Samurai!

/iambrew said...

totoo ba ito? wahehehe. miss ko na tong blog mo...

Elvin said...

bullish: hehe. thanks for the support.
mathew: watch me.
j: thanks. uso talaga sore throat ngayon.
emcee: yeah. they're funny. lol.
christian: do you think i'm just making these up? hehe.