Life's Good part 2

Remember when I wrote this?

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Samurai Wins Again
I went to IBM Plaza at Eastwood this afternoon to claim my prize. I won a text quiz contest. I got P1,500 worth of prepaid load. Life's good.Two months ago, I claimed a bottle of Artic Vodka from a magazine publishing company in Ortigas. I won it just by sending one of their columnists a question. Life's good.About four months ago, I won two tickets to a movie premiere just by e-mailing my answer to a question i saw in a leading daily. Life's good.

Hmm... what should I win next?

Well, guess what?

I won again!

I just got a call from MYX and the girl said that I just won a Kyla CD plus tickets to her (Kyla's, not the MYX girl's) Araneta concert. Woo yay!


bullish1974 said...

try lotto naman.

Anonymous said...

the last time na nanalo ako eh premiere tickets ng Monster Inc. before that, sa bingo naman. isang basket na may patis, suka, toyo at mga delata.

wala lang...

Leah said...

man, i never win shit. envious.

Jillsabs said...

ditto with lei :(

Elvin said...

bullish: hmmm. good idea. How much balato do you want?
anon: Sana pwedeng ilagay mga yun sa resume no?
lei and jillsabs: Lagi din ako talo sa mga raffle. Even if I buy the whole ticket booklet. Haha.