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Some cool things I did today

"Cool" is the most abused word in the history of humankind. It could mean anything, and at the same time, it could also mean nothing. You can use it when you're overly excited or when you're exrtremely uninterested. Cool.

Meanwhile, here are the really cool things I did today. if you want to be as cool as my cool self, then be cool and don't hesitate to do these cool things too. Cool? Cool.

1. Set my alam at 9 a.m. but got up 2 hours later.
2. Sang "Said you'd be there for me there for me" in the shower and stung my eye with soap.
3. Stepped out of the bathroom while brushing my teeth and talked to my brother with a frothy mouth.
4. Blocked the MRT door and made the guy behind me say "tsk."
5. Told a really lame and stupid joke to the Manang selling merienda (Manang okey ba yang okoy?) and felt really cool about it.
6. Told a girl friend that she can't have a small phone because she has large sausagey fingers.
7. Learned from a real Hawaiian how to say "Thank you" in Hawaiian.
8. Got paid. Now that's the coolest.