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The Samurai Prophecies I

There was this really prophetic news article I read about three months ago. It was published on the first page of the Business Section (Yes, I read the Business Section) of a leading newspaper. The author of the said article that Cellphone Load is the new currency. He/She said that there will come a time that all our transactions that involve coins and bills will soon be done thru Cellphone load exchange especially now that over-the-air load transfer is already very much possible.


Sige. This time, I'll share my prophecies too. Expect these events happening in the next few months (or years, depending on your marshmallow test aptitude).

1. Christmas season. Red traffic light lights up. Cars stop. Street Kids run to the nearest car window. Kids sing Christmas songs. Driver brings out cellphone to pass some prepaid load to the Cellphone-armed street kids.
2. Sunday. Priest just finished reciting his homily. Commentator reminds everybody to be ready for the offertory. Everybody brings out their cellphones and sends load to the Parish's cellphone.
3. All banks close. SMART Wireless Centers, Globe Business Centers and Sun Shops will sprout all over the country.
4. Jeepneys bear the sign "Eksaktong PasaLoad lang po sa umaga."
5. Congress passes a new law against issuing bouncing CellCards.
6. Coin Bank manufacturers die of hunger.
7. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas asks Pager Companies how to cope with obsoleteness.
8. Kids watch old Tagalog movies. The bida utters "Mukha kang pera!" Kids look at each other confused. "What is pera?"
9. The new definition of Corruption: When public officials call through their mobile using public load.
10. Philippine National Heroes find their way from the paper bills to Cellphone logos and wallpapers.

Wallet na ang cellphone mo.