Team Building Aftershocks

The Geisha already told her account. I want to share mine too.

We spent 3 days in Mimosa for our office team building seminar. Galing. We were all so tired after but the whole trip was fun and so memorable. We were even still talking about it until now, two days after the event. I know there's just no point talking about it since all of us were there and all of us really know what happened, but we just like repeating ourselves and laughing over stories we've already heard over and over again.

I can enumerate everything that happened there but I won't do that cause that will make Ricky, the facilitator, lose his job. Those are his strategies, his trade secrets. Haha. But to give you a sneak peak, we sang "If we hold on together", you guessed it, while holding on together. Ah that song. So cheesy yet so true.

We stayed in a villa even more beautiful than our own house. We had our own beds and our chips, beer and sodas were overflowing. There's not much to see on Kapampangan cable TV but who needs TV when we have our officemates to amuse ourselves with.

Daming nangyari. Can't believe they all happened in just 2 days.

If you want to experience this kind of seminar too, contact me. I'll be your facilitator and I'll let you do exactly what we did.

What exactly did we do, you ask? Hehe. Trade secrets.


Anonymous said...

nakakaintriga naman yang team building nyo.. :)


Elvin said...

hi ~tin~ hehe.
hi dazedangel!