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11 Digits that will Change your Life... Again

In my latest efforts to revitalize my social life (how pafefic!), I've subscribed to SMART and got a new Addict Mobile account on top of my company-issued phone line and my "some-other-network" prepaid account. My personal SIM (that comes in a cigarette tin case) will be activated on Monday so I'm preparing myself for a text-barrage announcing my new mobile number. I know I've been texting the "Hi this is my new number please save" line to my friends and relatives almost on a regular basis but I promise this should be the last.

Time to refresh my contacts and renew ties with good friends. And...time to clear my phonebook of people that should be forgotten. They must haunt me no more.

Good chance to start anew. I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

i might be forgotten by you, but you are not to me. godbless