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War of Nerves

The following took place between 4:15 to 4:35 a.m.

I hailed a cab at Salcedo St. Makati. The cab stopped, I went in, shut the door and told the taxi driver who looks like Regine Velasquez's dad where I'm heading to. The driver who looks like Regine's dad didn't say a word, which is odd at that time of the day because taxi drivers do not just take passengers during "abnormal" hours without some catch (i.e. "Ikaw na bahala mag- dagdag", "Malayo yun, labas sa ruta ko. Dagdag singkwenta na lang.", or simply waving the hand wildly, not in a "hi" or "hello" way but a "no, never," way.)

The Taxi driver whoo looks like Regine's dad attempted to start a conversation with me. He commented on the "sleepiness" of the driver of the taxi in front of us, saying the driver should stop for a while to take a quick snooze just like what he did a while ago.

The Taxi driver who looks like Regine's dad drives fast. I got my cellphone out of my pocket so I can speed dial anyone just in case I end up being trapped inside a totally wrecked taxi cab with a driver who looks like Regine's dad. In less than 15 minutes, I'm already in QC.

Just when I was about to get off, I checked the Chi-Chi Taxi Meter. It reads P137.00. I only have P130. Wait. i actually have another P100 peso bill so I gave the taxi driver who looks like Regine's dad P200.

Driver: Tsk tsk. Wala na akong barya (shows me a bundle of P100 bills.
Me: (Silence. Stillness. Unblinking eyes)
Driver: (after about 30 seconds): MEron ako dito barya kaso P40 lang (Gives P40 to me)
Me: Silence, Stillness. unblinking eyes)
Driver: (after about 30 seconds more) Takes out another P20 from his pocket and gives me P60.
Me: (Takes the P60) Salamat po.

I won!