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Proving Val and Rhian Wrong

No. This is not a Quizilla-sponsored blog.

Val said yesterday, "Alam ko na kung sino ka!" She said I'm Donkey from Shrek. Rhian wholeheartedly agreed. But the reliable Quizilla said:

you are SHREK! you're a bit antisocial, but once
you get close to someone, they find out you're
a big sweetie!

See? I am not that annoying after all. Haha. Quizilla is so scientific. They should use this in psychological tests.

I'm loving the very cool weather these past few days. It's hard to get out of bed in the morning though.

I tried putting the link to my new friendster pic here but i just can't make it work. It can't seem to read my photo link to geocities. Im so proud of that pic. It was another self-portrait i took inside my apartment using just a camera phone. I love what I did with the very little available light. Haha. If you wanna see it, go see my friendster account. Or you may wait until I learn how to correctly put pictures in here.

Lunch Time. Elvin, Out!