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Today, exactly...

Going out to lunch at exactly 12 noon isn't exactly a very good idea especially when you're holding office at a building's topmost floor. An elevator that stops and opens every second isn't exactly my favorite place to be with when i'm very very hungry.

Today isn't exactly one of my best days for I spent the whole morning trying to make my launchcast work and complaining how "consumer-unfriendly" that place from SM North EDSA Cyberzone is. I don't know but I always seem to NOT get the best buys everytime i make "high-involvement purchases." And this one thatt I've been nagging about (to the sales people and their really really lame excuses of course) is really a "high-involvement" purchase as far as my so-called financial status is concerned. They said I could get my "good" today but there is still no sign of me using that rather costly thing in the next few hours, or worse, days. I was very much tempted to report them to DTI's online consumer "reklamo" site but i thought I'd do it when my "case" gets riper, thus giving me more chance to win it. BUt of course that's just me thinking for I don't really believe in local online forms (besides the reliable and helpful UP CRS. Yay!).

I don't know how exactly will this day end. But right now, I am just too irritated (and I guess irritating too), I can fry an egg on my head.