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Some more random whining

My head is in pain. My left eye is in pain. I don't know. it could be one of them or both of them. I just don't focus on my pains anymore these days. I think I'm getting numb with all these achings, literal and otherwise.

Did i just say that?

I just had my dinner of siomai and rice (yes, rice) at Mini Stop. There are kinds of food that can make me happy and some that can't and I think Mini Stop's siomai can rightfully belong to my list of happiness-inducing food (or foods, it depends on which school of collective noun you're in) .

It's raining hard outside. I love rainy days. I always loved rainy days. But not yesterday when I heard in the morning news that storm signal number 3 was already raised in Isabela and some areas nearby. I asked Nalyn why do typhoon always have to go to Isabela before they leave the country. She said something like Isabela being on the eastern side of the map and storms always moving in an upward path and I think she does have a valid point.

Before I went back to my desk i saw Den playing the harmonica (is this how it's called) near the fire exit. It struck me - I do not know how to play any musical instrument, unless I you count the snare drum that i somehow learned to play when i was in grade school. I don't even have a STEADY hobby to begin with. I thought of continuing my "passion" for photography but then it struck me (again) that I do not have a camera. The one I was using before was the manual SLR camera I used to borrow from Francis.

Well then I'm getting one (hen I'm done with my SM Cyberzone purchase fiasco). In the meantime, I think i shall first drop my plan of getting a refrigerator for my apartment. Cold water hurts my throat anyway.