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Three Old People

While I was scrubbing my floor yesterday Morning (the floor product Pronto actually works by the way), I received a text from Gidget inviting me to go and eat at Cafe Lupe that night. At first I was hesitant because I believe Cafe Lupe is an expensive place. But when she said magic word B that is "hati-hati," i agreed (magic word A is "libre").

At first I thought I do not know how to go there. Then I found out (also from Gidget) that it was the one AT the MRT Guadalupe Station. If you are trying to give me directions use the MRT station as a reference and I'll surely find my way.

So the three of us met there. The place could pass as one of Linda Blair's Scariest places on Earth since the billboards look as if they could collapse anytime and crush every Mexican food-eating human below. No scientific basis. Just me being paranoid.

And after eating and insulting each other we finally decided to go somewhere where we can do something other than eating and gaining weight. We went to Boardwalk (I think that's how that Manila Bay place is called) to drink and gain weight. While on our way, There was this white KIA taxi in front of us which was moving in a very weird way. Before I could tell Marela that I think the taxi was moving in a very weird way, it got hit by another car and I am telling the truth when I say that the two men inside the KIA cab did not react at all. It's as if nothing happened.

And while we were telling each other what happened (even if all of us saw it, we talked about it anyway), I accidentally said that the blue car hit the NOKIA. We laughed at the thought of a cellphone with two passengers, moving on the road and being hit by a blue car.

One cheap thrill after another and we were already on the boardwalk (In Monopoly, Boardwalk is the most expensive place. Manila boardwalk is not expensive. The drinks are just overpriced.) I liked the crowd there. Very diverse. There was even a baby sitting on a table full of pale pilsens and lit cigarettes. We chose a hawaiian inspired spot, much to my satisfaction because you know how passionate I am about anything Hawaiian nowadays. Haha. And after talking about blockmates whom we don't see anymore, realizing how old we actually are now, sending random notes to random bluetooth people and paying the overpriced canned drinks, we all went home.

I want to congratulate Marela for entering the clothing manufacturing and retail industry. Looking forward to your own line soon. When I become a celebrity, I'll endorse your brand.