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A Friendster Note, The Day After Tomorrow and Plagiarizing OPMs in Australia

I would like to thank Kat for reading my blog. She sent me a friendster note asking me to update this blog so I assume she reads these things.

Ok. Since nobody possesses the necessary courage to watch The Eye 2 with me, last night, I attempted to see it alone (like I always do). I already invited some officemates (co-workers sounds better to me), some friends, some imaginary friends and its either they're too afraid or they have no idea what The Eye 2 is.

But SM wasn't showing it anymore! Or maybe they didn't really show it. Most of their cinemas are showing All My Life (the movie with the "remote control heart"). SO I guess I'll just have to wait for the video to be released in Video City. that's where I got The Eye (the first one) anyway.

I ended up watching The Day After Tomorrow and I got scared just the same. But it's fun. Maybe more fun when it's shown on Enchanted Kingdom's 4d theater so we will all feel how it is to freeze to death.

By the way, I received an e-mail from Val and I read it this morning. It is very interesting to know that in one of Sef Gonzales' poetry classes in Australia, he plagiarized Gary Valenciano's Take me Out of the Dark and his teachers liked it. If you don't know who Sef Gonzales is, try Google. He's popular.

Another quiz! Another Quiz! It says i'm "horrifing". Haha.

Don't you know... she never sleeps
You truly are scary! You're The Ring! Unlike most
scary movies, you have no freaking idea what is
killing you off and yet when the movie is over,
you still have no freaking clue! You kill by
means unknown, you're just a odd little girl
blessed and yet cursed with psychic like
powers. Your victims suffer visions for seven
days untill they finally see the last thing you
saw before you died.. which was The Ring.
Congrats, you terrify me.

What Scary Movie Are You?
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