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Hello 2010!

I just want to make my first 2010 post, still with mobile Gmail. So if
the sentences are cut in the wrong places, you know the reason. Haha.
January 1 was fun as usual, because it is the birthday of our Tatang,
our grandfather. His birthday always serves as our annual family
reunion and picture taking. Heh.

Also, yesterday, we all went to the Magat Dam and I never expected the
place to be so magnificent today. The last time I was there was during
a high school field trip to the hydroelectric power plant. So it was
all Physics and I was stressing over the paper to be submitted haha.

Today however, the place can really be a tourist destination. Amazing
sceneries, both natural and man-made. They just have to maintain the
place well though. The area has garbage all over. Sayang if these
little plastic bags ruin everything again.

I might post pictures once I get copies from the cousins with
power-cameras. Hmm. How about me, getting my own? My birthday is in
less than 2 weeks. And I believe in self-love. Haha.


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