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What to do in Taiwan when you don't like planning what to do in Taiwan (Part 3)

So let me just say again how nice the Meander Hostel is (So Clean, So Good). It's being run by young, nice, friendly people. Aside from the fully-equipped rooms and restrooms, they also provide other essentials like free tours, tour recommendations, breakfast and water (of course), tsinelas, and most importantly, fast wifi! They also lent us umbrellas when it got rainy.

There were construction works while we were there so it probably looks even better now.

It's also situated near the Ximending shopping area so it's so close to the train station, shops, food markets, cinemas, bookstores, malls lol, essentially all the things I like.

Day 3 was pasalubong day, and to make it quick and painless, we went to... Carrefour. This huge supermarket is open 24 hours. How fun. And look, Fiftea!

After having a traditional asian lunch at... Yoshinaya lol, we then boarded the train that took us to Beitou. Welcome to Xinbeitou!

We went here for the thermal valley and hot springs, but we found out that the district is more than that. It actually has a charming little town/suburbs feel. 

Just like many places in Taipei, this district is very walkable.

I just noticed that all my pictures are almost empty save for a person or two haha.

Also, Beitou has a very magnificent library. Needless to stay, we spent hours here.

Back to the wooden planks on the way to the hot springs.

Looks like a movie set, no? But where are the people?

We ate at a small cafe, with this view.

More wooden plank trails. Thanks to Google maps for leading the way.

Aaand, photo stream ends here because we were required to wear trunks and nothing else at the hot springs and you wouldn't want to see that.

That's all. Haha. So excited to fly back there tomorrow (despite news of earthquakes). But yeah, I'm gonna take more pictures and experience more stories.