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What to do in Taiwan when you don't like planning what to do in Taiwan (Part 2)

On our second day, we went to a mall. Haha. So there's this place called Syntrend which is a 12-story building for all things tech. Each floor is dedicated to one tech category (ex. audio, video, consoles, phones, etc.) and what makes the place so great is that it's just not a marketplace, but a place to actually experience the products.

Of course the audio section thrilled me the most. But that's just it. I didn't buy anything :(

They're pocket robots, thus the name. 

And yeah we tried the VR games because we're so here and now.

And then from SM Cyberzone, we went to CCP. Loljk. Another highlight of this trip is our tour of Huashan 1914 Creative Park. One look and you can tell this is where the artsy and techie young people of Taiwan converge. They have movies:

And some books.

Art art.

And a lot of instagrammable corners.

Yahoo was having an event when we were there. They gave us paper fans! And pins!

My photos  do not give the place justice so let me just jump to: meatballs time at the nearby IKEA.

I think around this time, my phone's battery has already died. Because the next photos in my roll are... the Maokong photos! Maokong is probably best known for the Gondolas that shuttle back and forth from the Taipei zoo to the Maokong village where the tea farms are! As a milk tea connoisseur, this is so exciting haha.

You can choose between the regular gondolas and the special ones with transparent floors.

Don't rush into buying all the matcha things at the first stores you see cause there are so many more food shops as you walk into the inner roads of the village.

Almost every store and shop has a cat symbol somewhere. The green tea ice cream cones are topped with cat cookies. I don't get this but we saw one food stall that boldly says "Nothing to do with cats" or something like that.

More food stalls. Cheap and delicious.

The village also has nice temples. We tried to enter but the people inside looked at us questioningly and we got scared.

This is the tea promotion center whenre you can enter and learn more about tea - the history of the industry and how they're really serious about these leaves.

See, they have a tea timeline.

Back to the food stalls!

More gaps in my photo roll. Hahaha. Suddenly we're back in Ximending, eating in a place called Risotto, a restaurant run by a friendly dog. I'm serious. Look it up.

Of course, milk tea. Ten Ren tea is our favorite.

We did not stay at this besiness hotel, the hotel for bessies.

Still so many gaps in my photo album. I think we ended this day being amazed at Muji.

(To be continued)

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