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What song was playing in the background while you were being born?

Did you know that you can pull out the full Billboard charts from the week you were born? Yes, Billboard's website can generate the full chart, but why would you need it hahaha?

Why not? It's actually fun to know. You can discover the song that could be playing in the background while your mom was pushing you out of her body. The number album at that exact week you first experienced the Earth could have played a big part in shaping you into the person you are today!

In my case, that album is Business As Usual by Men At Work:

And these are the songs that the universe included in the soundtrack of my birth. Good picks, Americans. I think.

To get your own full chart, go to the Hot 100 page (Top 100 songs) and the Billboard 200 page (Top 200 albums) and enter your birthdate into the archive search box.