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Frequently Asked Questions: Holy Week in the City

Q: Hindi ka ba uuwi ngayong Holy Week?
A: No. In my years of experience travelling from Manila to Isabela and back, I have learned that Holy Week is the most stressful time to travel, especially when commuting via provincial buses. It's so hard to get a reservation and/or a ticket, the bus terminals are packed, travel time can extend up to 15 hours, and getting a ticket back to Manila on Easter Sunday is another story.

Q: E 'di magpareserve ka online.
A: Unfortunately, our bus lines do not have that facility. We ride the Victory Line buses and their online reservation system is limited to certain trips (like Baguio) and just a few seats. For the buses that ply our Cagayan Valley route, you need to go to the terminal and fall in line to get the tickets. The reservation and ticketing system is very manual, with the trip details just handwritten. I have experienced cases when the ticket-sellers make mistakes like giving the same seat numbers to more than one passenger, leading to stressful conflicts on the day of the trip.

Q: E di hindi ka na makakauwi?
A: I'd rather go home after Holy Week, or when it's not too busy anymore. It's easier to get a trip back to Manila that way too.

Q: Di ka ba mabo-bore sa Manila?
A: Not really. Not getting bored is one of my special skills. I can stay inside the house for a number of days without getting bored. Besides, I like long holidays because they let me do things that the Bluer than Blue guy looks forward to doing like:

  • Catching up on my reading
  • Having a lot more time for sleeping
  • Staying out all night long if I feel like it
  • I may not run through the house screaming, but I don't have to miss no TV shows (In my case, iFlix shows). Case in point: I finished watching American Horror Story: Hotel.

Q: Di ba wala ka naman mapupuntahan kasi sarado lahat?
A. Not true. The McDonald's next door is open 24 hours. Also, Fisher Mall along Quezon Avenue is making a killing attracting the city crowd. Not only are they open the entire Holy Week break, they also extended their mall hours. Earlier today, I saw a family in their official church shirts eating Chopstop at the foodcourt. God is watching you eat those prokchops! As for me, I had salmon pepper rice at Pepper Lunch.

Q: E di sa bahay ka lang talaga? 
A: Well, I planned on exploring the city of Manila, especially cause Metro Manila roads are so free from heavy traffic during Holy Week breaks. Unfortunately, I caught flu somewhere and I just killed two full days just being in bed, and self-medicating. Not complaining though. And as I've mentioned, Fisher Mall is a friend, and I was able to sneak out to go malling, at night when the sun is no longer up to fry us. Been doing it for two nights now, getting an aircon break (it's been very hot the past days that water from our tap is always hot and we don't have heater!) and yeah, I love Fisher Mall.