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The Color Purple

Have you ever had that feeling when, after paying, say a taxi driver, you question whether you gave him one hundred peso bill, or you just gave him his day's boundary by inadvertently giving him one thousand (keep the change). But then, there's nothing you can do cause the taxi already sped off, and there you are, just looking at your wallet, feeling panicky cause you know (or you FEEL) that the cash you're holding is kulang yata. You remember the last time you withdraw, you do mental math, and you try heart to keep your credit-debit in check.

Well I have. Several times. Maybe a lot of other people have too. The color of the newer 100 peso bills are now a little more on the ube side, a change from the P1000 doppelganger blue it used to have.

Thank you Bangko Sentral for doing this. I trust that you also recognize that there is that P50-P20 color confusion problem too.