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Voltes V is now on iflix!

Kids of the eighties rejoice! Well, the series ran during the nineties too (Disclaimer: I watched this in the nineties not the eighties), and there were more recent airings of the show on GMA-7. So why don't we all just rejoice, regardless of generation?

Voltes V is back, and now we don't have to be at the mercy of its assigned timeslot. Remember wasting precious morning sunlight because it was on? Or waking up really earning just to catch it? Or just being annoyed because the TV Guide didn't get the schedule right? None of that matters now because it is now available on demand via iflix!

Voltes V is now ready for streaming or download through the iflix app, and it's available both in English and Filipino dubs.

Aside from Voltes V, iflix also has Daimos and Hunter X Hunter in its catalog now. I am very pleased that iFlix' catalog keeps on growing. Some of my personal addictions are Modern Family (add new seasons please), American Horror Story, Bates Motel, Mr. Robot, and fine, Encantadia 2016 hahaha.

So goodbye idle time. More stuff to binge-watch. Also, time to let go of the old, dusty, bootleg discs I've been holding on to.

Don't know how to start? iflix has special offers for Smart subscribers. Check them out at smart.com.ph/iflix.