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Map your Life

I have a new online obsession - Google Location History.

I've always been fascinated by maps. I liked reading the giant folding maps when I was a kid, reading even the smallest details. I would often create my own maps - whether maps of real locations I'm familiar with or maps of imaginary places.

With today's computers and smartphones, maps have become more and more dynamic and alive. I just recently discovered that if you allow it, Google can actually monitor and save all the places you (and your Android device) have been. You can actually pinpoint where you were at specific times. It can even tell you whether you're stationary, walking or aboard a vehicle.

This is a 30-day map of the places I've visited from the last week of January until the end of February. I know that those points in Central Luzon were because of the 7107 International Music Festival in Clark. 

This map shows my locations on February 14, 2014, Valentines Day. I cannot remember what was I doing in Pasay then. Hmmmmm.