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Let's all buy the Jessica Sanchez album!

It's no secret that I am a firm Jessica Sanchez supporter. Fine... fan. So today, I am challenging the limits of my Stanning by encouraging everybody to please please buy her newly released album Me You & the Music.

A lot of Filipinos supported her during her run in last year's American Idol season. But she needs the support more than ever, now that she's in the real world where every artist fights for marketability and relevance.

Let's show that we did not support her not only because she has Filipino blood, but because she is a Filipino with world-class talent. Let's support her not because she was on a TV show, but because she is an artist that deserves mainstream success.

Rare are the times when someone of Filipino descent has the chance to be successful and relevant in contemporary global pop culture. Like it or not, racial bias do exists and the need for representation is real. 

And before we even go to the hot topic of Jessica not being a real Filipino, there's nothing wrong with claiming Jessica as "ours", because it is a FACT that she has Filipino genes and her culture, mixed and global as it is, has Filipino in the mix. Also, that is just how Filipino culture works - we treat everyone with Filipino blood as family, and when they achieve success especially worldwide, we are proud and happy for them.

Bottomline is, here's another Filipino artist with a strong shot of achieving mainstream music success. This is not an easy feat. There are lots of talented Pinoy singers worldwide, but only few are given this much exposure and backing from a major label. 

Let's show them that for a real talent, ethnicity, especially being Filipino, is not a burden but a blessing.

Jessica's career highlights: Her story so far.

My thoughts on the album (Quick Review): Tonight deserves to be the lead single, with Ne-Yo lending star power to Jessica who's just getting started. The song has great commercial appeal, very contemporary and pop-py. It deserves to do well, but needs extra push. But personally, my favorite is Drive By for its urban/R&B sound which suits Jessica's vocals and style.

The tracks are varied, most of them clubby and dancey, but there are also pop ballads that are very much age-appropriate. The whole album is packaged as pop but the songs nevertheless showcase Jessica's powerful voice and soulful style.

It is far from her repertoire of mature ballads and jazzy classics she tackled on Idol but this is a start. Hopefully in her next albums, she finds her sound, stick to it and grow in it even more as a full fledged music artist.