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Typhoon Duties

This post is for Gelo, our friend and former co-worker who moved to SG, but not without passing on his job to me haha. You see, back when we were still working together, Gelo is the one to (majorly) fuss over any news mentioning a weather disturbance entering the Philippine area of responsibility.

I get him now. If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you should have noticed that my usual programming of LOLs and other Internet shenanigans were suddenly, uncannily replaced by typhoon advisories, announcements of Libreng Tawag and relief operations and calls for donations.

One typhoon means hard work for all of us here in the office. Make that double with massive floodings on the side and everything becomes crazier. We send out public announcements and media statements even on weekends. My phone vibrates all night and it's not as fun as it sounds. But that's nothing compared to what the people on the ground are doing.

Engineers went on a close watch to make sure our cellphones remain working especially right when we need it most (Admit it, your Smart signal didn't die). Employees based in several localities were quick to set up free call centers for those affected by the calamity. Most waded through flood to help in relief distribution and some rescue operations.

The image above was sent to these employees who helped the company help those in need during the devastation of the twin typhoons. Everything is far from over. As you can see in the news, there are still some towns submerged in floods. You can do something to help, actually :P

One more thing, this post contains my personal views and it does not reflect the views of my employer in any way. If it does, it could have been written better, with more consistent tenses.