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Mga Kwento Tungkol Kay Basyang

This is the latest satellite image from the official website of PAGASA - the Philippines' official weather bureau. I don't know if I'm interpreting it correctly, but I think that green phlegm-like things scattered all over the country are the winds, with water. I don't know. Haha. All I know is that we might be having problems with regards to weather forecasting in this country, and how information about the weather are being disseminated (especially among those who live in high-risk areas such as the villages near mountains and bodies of water. They need such information the most).

But enough of that, let's talk about me. Haha. So last night, I was awakened at around 12:30 after midnight when strong winds suddenly kept banging the glass window of our bedroom. Although the windows are shut, I could feel rainwater being sprayed on my face. (I swear, it's rainwater. I am sure). And so I did the first practical thing we all need to do in cases of weather disturbances. I checked twitter. Haha.

Apparently, the strange gush of wind wasn't an isolated QC case. I saw friends tweeting (and facebooking) that they too are being pestered by poltergeist-like storm winds.

Haven't really got back to proper, normal sleep after that. So this morning, I got up feeling really tired, and with no ironed clothes to wear. (Twitter said there's blackout. Thank you twitter for the information haha). But I went to work nevertheless, and here I am, being sleepy and kind of useless. The entire building is being powered by generators right now and I could feel them vibrate and I could hear their non-stop whirring. Not sure if the AC is working but I think it's a little hot. And that makes me feel a little, hmm, sad? I don't know. Also, I feel dumb today, blogging like a 10-year-old.

I normally like the rainy and gloomy weather, but I guess it's only fun when we're all safe at home with our families, eating sopas, sharing stories and/or curling on the bed together with furry blankets.

Hope Basyang didn't bother you that much. Keep safe.