Bevel & Emboss! Outer Glow! Default Glow Color!

I remember having a conversation with friends about our government not giving much importance to "branding" and identities. While other countries have modernized the logos of their government offices, we're stuck to the traditional, obviously 'gobyerno' looking ones.

Good thing there are private entities that use modern design to strengthen the Philippine/Filipino identity and to make it modern and relevant (ex. Team Manila, 3 Stars and a Sun, etc.). But then, we have an overly sensitive National Historical Institute whose purpose seems to be just to make sure our colors are only displayed on a flag pole (and also, threatening to jail singers for singing the natioanal anthem without sounding like a rondalla).

Back to our government's designs. Here's exhibit A, an MRT ticket. I don't claim to be the best graphic designer there is but I'm being kind when I say it is "a little poorly designed :-(" (sad face, intentional).

I apologize, MRT card graphic artist. But you could have done better.

Also, I am not comfortable that some of these notes at the back of the card aren't even complete sentences. Haha.


Unknown said...

i don't like it din. request ko din sa designer ibalik/isingit yung train map. may space pa naman sa likod. wala lang pag di kasi frequent rider minsan nakakalimot or nabibingi(ehem!) XD

TwistedHalo said...

I prefer the new design over the old one though, yung may face ni Gloria ba yun? Anyhoo, di ko nga pinapansin yung likod. Ngayon ko lang nalaman na incomplete sentences pala. Buti hindi jejemon. LOL. :)

Unknown said...

You're right, that is one ugly design. Thank god I don't ride the LRT? Lalala~

Fickle Cattle said...

I thought the design was at least interesting. Didn't really think it was ugly. But I'm no graphic designer and I'm also not a visual person so I can't really say.


Elvin said...

Almi: oo nga, bakit wala yung train map? Barang mandatory yata yun dapat!

Auntie: Haha. Yeah I remember yung design na may mukha ni Gloria. Strong Republic, parang ganun.

Ela: Hi! You're lucky you don't ride the MRT. it's hell on earth sometimes. Haha.

Fickle Cattle: Hi there! Is it my first time to see you around here?

Helga said...

OMG, I was just looking at this ticket the other week and thinking about how ugly the damn thing is!

kenna said...

WTF. That's ugly, the old one's better, even with GMA or even with ERAP on it.

Lindsey L said...

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