Words of advice from the President

"If you really want something done, just do it. Do it hard, do it well. Don’t pussyfoot. Don't pander."

-President Arroyo

Although I am not running for president, and I don't say bad words in public, these words from Gloria somehow hit me. Haha. Ok Gloria, expect some drastic actions and decisions from me in the coming days.

Read the SONA full text at gmanews.


Jason said...

A leader, or any one for that matter, should also be responsible. She should take responsibility for the corruption in her government and not just let them slide.

It was nice try to shift the blame/focus on other personalities; i.e., Roxas and Estrada. But the bottomline is: faulting other people does not make her any less guilty of the charges she herself faces.

Elvin said...

Just watched "The Arroyo Years" on ANC today.

This president, she has no shame.

Kyla Curtis said...

Great blog I enjoyedd reading