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Things That Really Work: Spot.PH

I can't remember how I got to the page. I think it's because of Elijah's tweet. Or maybe I found a link on PEP.PH. Haha. Exploring the site, I found out that this is already a revamped version. Well I obviously cannot compare it to its predecessor, having not seen it, but I can say that it's always nice to see a Philippine-based content-driven site that's regularly refreshed. (My favorite section of the site is Lourd's blog)
Anyway, I filed this post under "Things That Really Work" because its promo page, does work. Haha. I entered the Spelling Bee promo, and a week later, I've got tickets. I don't know what Spelling Bee is but I've been reading about it on status messages everywhere. I'll just Wikipedia it before I go watch.
By the way, that site Wikipedia, it works too, and I love it.