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Spelling Bee in Wet Chuck Taylors

So once again, I thank SPOT.PH for the free tickets I got in one of their online promos. My sister and I were able to watch the July 11 staging of the play, and honestly, I was pleasantly surprised that our seats were just behind the front row, extreme right side, but still near the stage. I’ve won tickets for shows before, and they’re almost always patapon tickets, especially if they’re for an Araneta Coliseum event (read: cold hard concrete general admission seats).

And no thanks to the weather, I had to watch the whole play with wet squishy sneakers. I was waiting for a ride to the MRT when the rain literally poured in buckets. No, not buckets. Make that… pools. And you know how awful that feels – stepping on ankle deep waters with canvas shoes. I can feel my wet socks acting like sponges. I almost backed out, but my sister was already waiting at SM Makati. So with my shoes, and also jeans, wet up to my knees, I rode the MRT to Ayala, met my sister and hurriedly took a cab to the RCBC Plaza.

We made it just in time. As I’ve said, I have no idea what the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is all about. A play about a spelling contest, the famous spelling bee – uninteresting, right? Much like a play about having a root canal or counting how many times do electric fan blades spin in an hour.

Just mere minutes after, my sister and I were already laughing at the actors’ lines. And I thought only rich people get stage play humor. Haha.

The actors did a very good job portraying the very diverse group of spellers. We were especially laughing every time Coneybear and lisp girl take the mic. We adored the characters Olive and Marcy Park (I loved it when Jesus talked to her). And how I cracked up to the way they introduce the guest spellers and to the numerous pop culture references (i.e. American Idol, My Love Don’t Cost A Thing, etc.”)

The celebrity spellers during that show were TJ Trinidad and Phoemela Baranda (“She created a superhero named Star Patroller!” “Her outfit is made of construction paper!” I really think Rona Lisa and the Vice Principal are enjoying their jobs in the play).

The show was great. I am glad my sister liked watching it. After the show, when we were leaving the theater, I already forgot that I’m wearing drenched shoes.We went to Jollibee Convergys afterwards, ate delicious Chickenjoy and Jolly Crispy fries while it still rained outside – and I forgot everything.