The Ultimate FX Riders' Guide

  • The driver is always on [1]
  • The driver has the right to be noisy the whole trip through his two-way radio [A]. Through this radio, he gets traffic advisories and updates on whereabouts of mmda traffic enforcers (or in driver vocabulary, double mike, or sometimes, buwaya). He may also use this to tell other drivers (and make parinig) that someone hasn't given his/her bayad yet.
  • If driver is not busy with 2-way radio [A], he uses radio tuner [B]. He only has about 5 stations - DZMM, DZBB, Love Radio, Yes FM or Energy.
  • If you don't want your legs to be touched by manong driver everytime he makes kambyo, do not sit on [2]
  • [3] is the best seat. It is easy to do other things (like read a book or find missing coins in your bag). You also have your own aircon blower. But do not sit here when you have a big bag. Manong driver will be galit cause he won't see the side mirror.
  • If you're kinda fat, please do not sit on [4], [5], [6], or [7]. Your seatmates will hate and curse you for it.
  • Out of the 4 passengers on [4], [5], [6] and [7], one will not be able to make sandal on the sandalan.
  • Window shades/screens [C], [D] and [E] can sometimes fall.
  • If the above statement about the car shades doesn't happen, [7] is the next best seat. But if you get off ahead of [4], [5], and [6], they will hate and curse you for it. It is because door [I] doesn't open. You have to get off theough the other side.
  • Sometimes, air con control is on [F] but the driver may fix it with rugby to make only the LOW and MED fan setting usable. There's no such thing as HIGH.
  • Sometimes, there's a makeshift aircon/shredder or small fan installed on [F]
  • Big/long legged people are advised to sit on [8] to [11]
  • But if you're too big, avoid [8] and [10] cause there's a greasy spare tire on [G]
  • [8] and [1o] gives you direct access to aircon blower. Passengers on [8] and [11] may hog the aircon.
  • Which makes [9] and [11] the hottest seats, literally.
  • And on rainy days, water may even seep through door [H]


Speaking of commuting, Job started a blog about it. See it here. It gives us instructions on how to commute to several commuter-unfriendly places. Now, I wouldn't have to complain and grumble whenever I'm invited to come to Eastwood City.


TwistedHalo said...

Ang kulit ng post na 'to! Da best ka talaga pamangkin!

Elvin said...

haha. Thanks auntie. sama naman ako sa inyo ni auntie lucille. para may pipicturan kayo haha.