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The American Idol Withdrawal Post

A week after the Idol finals, I'm left without a show to come home to after a long day in the office. Haha. Now, I can only make believe that I've just watched the results show replay on QTV, which so competently broadcast and covered the whole season. Thank you Q! Thank you for the (almost) commercial-free 6pm broadcast and 8pm replays. And thank you for the weekend re-runs. We are so spoiled, by you.

And so a week after the finals, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert are already doing the rounds, sitting on talk show couches all over America. The rest of the gang are preparing for the Idol tour. The disappointed fans are the runner-up are fanning the flames of the vote manipulation conspiracy. But most viewers have moved on. Not me. I'm not so good at moving on. What? Lol.

And so now, I give you my non-moving on post. The American Idol frequently asked (hanging) questions:

Q: Did Kris Allen really get more votes than Adam Lambert?
A: Yes. They have independent auditing bodies to make sure votes are properly accounted for. And basing on current iTunes download charts, more people are buying his No Boundaries than the better-produced Adam version.

Q: Is Kris Allen the rightful winner?
A: Yes. From being a mere cannon fodder who got lucky in the semi-finals, he managed to gather enough fans to take him to the finals, and that's without the heavy pimping from the judges and the favors of the stage lightings and effects.

Q: Wasn't Danny Gokey supposed to be in the finals?
A: Danny Gokey is old fashioned and just a duplicate of previous Idol contestants. He lacks musical identity and he is not current. He appeals to the older demographic - the viewers who can't match the power voting abilities of the tweens.

Q: Out of all the finalists this year, who will have the most post-idol success?
A: Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta & Tatiana Nicole Del Toro.

Q: Who's that hispanic guy clinging on Kris Allen the whole time after the winner's announcement?
A: That guy is Jorge Nunez. He was popular during the semi-finals and a week after his elimination, the world forgot he ever existed.

Q: Is Adam Lambert gay?
A: Adam Lambert is as straight as a rainbow.

Q: Why was there no black diva this year?
A: Because they dropped Lanesha Young in favor of the musically confused Lil Rounds and a marginally talented Jasmine Murray.

Q: Why didn't Matt Giraud perform during the finale?
A: Because he is underrated and now Idol is making him believe that the reason his piano duel with Scott was scrapped was because the celebrity guest they're supposed to sing with begged off.

Q: Can't Scott see?
A: If he posts a comment here, that means he can.

Q: Will Kara be back next year?
A: Yes. And one of the three other judges will be axed and/or given a new show.

Q: Who should've benefitted from the Judges' Save rule?
A: Alexis Grace deserves it more than anyone else.

Q: Why did Adam Lambert lose?
A: Because a lot of people enjoy him, but those who don't get him outnumber them.

Q: Who's the season's most robbed contestant?
A: Tatiana Nicole Del Toro.


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