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"Things That Really Work" Series: Opera Mini

Are you tired of being lied to? Have you had your hopes raised by your fresh cellphone's packaging with the promise of "rich web browsing experience with true HTML browser" only to be disappointed by a lousy gprs/wap-like internet window? Here is the answer!

Try Opera Mini. I tried using this browser on Ericsson W950i, Motorola V6 Maxx and Nokia N73 and it worked perfectly on all 3. The latest version can give you the exact computer screen look of your favorite websites (minus of course some things like complicated java/flash players). It is easy to download, install and configure. Browsing, also is really fast, especially if you're on the network that gives you the best 3G and HSDPA coverage at an affordable per 30-minute charging - Smart. *Wink*

To download, visit mini.opera.com using your phone's existing browser.