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Kitties Against Violence Against Kitties

As you may already know, there's a new cyber enemy who's gaining "popularity" after blogging about his "accidental" crime - that involves torturing an innocent UP Diliman cat to death (and apparently, appearing to be "proud" of it, even giving himself the nickname "serial cat killer). Blogger David Gonzales has so eloquently expressed how the people who've heard of this gruesome act feel.

And so here comes KAVAK - Kitties Against Violence Against Kitties. Below are the founding members of the organization. New members are always welcome. O HAI!

Future Doctor Kitty
UST College of Medicine

Kitty Nadal 1

Lead Actress - Lion King Philippines

Kitty Nadal 2

Catholic Digest Reader

Kitty Nadal 2
Walkman Fan


SpongeBob fan

Passenger Kitty
Victory Liner Kamias

Street Cats

Ayala Loop Terminal

Gollum Cat

Religious Kitty

Parish of the Holy Sacrifice UP

Makati Kitty
MRT Ayala Station

Gimikero Kitty

Kozui, Tomas Morato


CC said...

hahaha, i love love love this post elvin! -karmee