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Time In, Time Out

I got home so early! My Makati-QC commute took only more than an hour. Unlike this morning when I was on the road for a crazy two and a half hour! So when I got to the office, my bladder was ready to explode. The elevator I was on had all the floor buttons in bright red lights. And when I finally reached our floor, I ran to the restroom and took a leak that seemed to never stop. I was peeing for almost two minutes. My phone (which was on vibrate mode) was ringing in my pocket the whole time. It was a strange feeling haha.

Anyway, there seem to be a proliferation of new buses. Now we can afford to be choosy. Take that, ugly buses that stop and take in passengers every 10 seconds and play proliferating tagalized R&B songs! Millenniums ago, we have no choice but to put up with these ugly buses also known as cockroach kingdoms. Now we have buses that look like airplanes, with lcd screens showing never been shown movies haha. Thank you Claire Dela Fuente!