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From the house of the black-eyed fish*

Last night, my friends from the old playground and I went to this Japanese place along Pasong Tamo called Kikufuji. It's a Japanese resto where you eat on low tables, and without footwear. With us was newest girl Cris, who, I heard, doesn't really speak much, or doesn't speak as much as her classmate Monique/Nikki (I call her Kaitlyn sometimes, or Jessica). So Nalyn initiated a Q&A session with Kris and I got to ask her very intellectual questions like:

- If you were a plant, would you rather be eaten by a cow or a goat? Why?
- If you are the owner of the Bahay Kubo, what vegetable will you first eat? Why?
- Would you rather be beautiful or ugly? (End of question. No catch.)

Because I was feeling adventurous last night with my food choices, I boldly picked breaded chicken and potato salad. Very japanese right?

*coined by Nalyn in honor of little Kikufuji aquarium pet with black eyes.