May Credit Card na po kayo?

Have I told you that I like working on weekends?


I just had my lunch and I am now blogging as I digest. [incoherent transition ahead] I thought of something while I'm on my way home last night. Malls should stop giving permits to those pesky men and women in corporate attire chasing you to ask if you already have a credit card, while waving plastic cards in your face. I don't know what their purpose in life is, but they're getting really irritating. One time, one "may credit card na po kayo" guy even shoved a bag to me because he said, I won. Why and how? I don't know. And one time, a really annoying lady kept chasing after me because I was wearing red, their "color of the day."

One day, if I have the time, I might stop and give them all the time in the world to listen to them blabber about the purpose of their year-round mall existence. Then maybe, I'll dress up as one of them and attend our annual office costume party to wave cards in my co-workers' faces.


I can cook.

Last night, I went home without grabbing dinner somewhere. Being really hungry, I raided the refrigerator and saw a roll of sitaw, ready to give up their lives and wilt in the cruel coldness of the crisper. So what can i do with the sitaw? Since I know how to cook pork or chicken adobo, the logical thing to do will be to pretend beans=meat, and cook it, adobo style.

The first time i tasted it, it was really tasteless and horrible. But Ratatouille taught us that any terrible cooking can be salvaged by sprinkling things here and there so i tried adding some "secret spices" but then it became too sour, then too salty, then too thick, then too sour again... until I gave up, stopped messing up with it and just let it simmer.

Then I ate it. Best adobong sitaw I ever tasted. (not including my mother's).


I saw an episode of Maligno last night. Claudine is my favorite Barretto.


I'm re-watching Rosemary's Baby later when I get home. I'm so excited even if I already know what's gonna happen. Yam Laranas, in his blog, said that the "baby" will have a cameo in his Hollywood film, The Echo. Have I mentioned that Mr. Laranas once commented on MY blog? It's true. And it was the most star struck I've been.


meganyoung said...

dati wala akong magawa so pinatulan ko yang mga credit card people na yan.

ccp (credit card person): gusto nyo po bang yumaman?

cy: hindi.

ccp: seriously po.

cy: serious.

ccp: um... kung sakali pong gusto nyong lumaki ang kita nyo, magkano po ang gusto nyong kita in a month?

cy: one hundred million dollars.

hahaha fun time!

Elvin said...

hahaha. i'll try doing that too.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha... gotcha. =D