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Chapter 3: Lent

And so Lent is over.

I came back to work just this Tuesday. I thought I'd come back to the office after a long break fresh and with a mind that's clutter-free and reinvigorated but I was wrong. Holy Weeks today aren't as serene and quiet as they used to be. For one, TV evolved to be one of the unholy distractions. When I was a kid, the TV would usually greet me on Holy Thursday mornings with speckles of black and white and that distinct TV "sssssh" noise, which I would still watch in utter fascination. Yes, I was weird and hopeless like that. I still am. Those speckles will exist and play with my eyes until Black Saturday to give way to the requisite screening of The Ten Commandments.

This year, I spent the Holy Week watching TV (and being Apollo Justice, cracking cases on DS). Honestly though, I like local TV's Holy Week programming. In the past years, GMA would re-run the best of I Witness and Wish ko Lang tearjerkers. I enjoy those haha. Anyway, this year, my mother, sister and I bonded over reruns of classic Maala-ala Mo Kaya episodes and Eat Bulaga Lenten presentations. The cartoons were good too (There's an anime version of The Powerpuff Girls?), especially the Voltes V specials. Plus, I was amused when Nanay sang along with American Idol's Ramiele Malubay on "Should Have Known Better" by The Beatles. Good times... who knew?

TV's not so evil after all.


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