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Chapter 1: Twenty Five

Today is February 25, and I want to blog again.

Much has happened to me since I pushed back this old "very nineties" habit of blogging to the last columns of my priority list. One of them is my transformation from a young twenty early something geek to a somewhat old twenty-five year-old semi-geek, and that happened just last month. I think that's significant. One of the most significant events in my life of the past months (or was it years) that never got to land on the "Create Post" field of good old blogger.

I like blogger. I like the old charm of it, just as I like Nintendo Family Computer more than any of the game consoles from all eras, including the present. People have been telling me to try multiply but I somehow don't get that site. I've been caught by the friendster and facebook webs also - the sites responsible for my web presence recently - but nothing beats this place. Writing here does something to me that friendster blogs cannot. I don't know what it is.

So just like that, and I'm back again. How many times have I said that on this blog already? Can I still trust myself?

Today is February 25 and I'm already 25. I'm as old as Martin Nievera's career (Reference: XXV The Concert). I'm as old as Gary Valenciano's career too, and I shouldn't forget Wheel Of Fortune which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.


Anonymous said...

welcome back! i do miss your posts!