Mother Pokers

Yesterday, Sannie James effortlessly defeated me in a game of chess. I never won a chess match in my life. My father used to say that chess tests how good you are as a planner. I acknowledge that. I'm more of a spontaneous kind of person than the how-do-you-see-yourself-in-10-years guy. But chess measures intelligence and critical thinking too. I never won a chess match in my life, therefore I'm dumb. At least I know p therefore q logic. Is there even such a thing? Haha. 
So after my nth chess defeat I conceded and admitted that chess just isn't my game. I must find my game. (Monopoly used to be my game but nobody would play with me. I lorded its family computer and PC versions though). So I went to my old playground and found Larry, Leo and Iris playing Poker.
I never played a real card game in my life too. I was raised with the belief that playing cards are just like "Go straight to HELL, do not pass go, do not collect $200 cards." They're bad cards! But since nobody's gonna know (haha) I asked Larry to teach me and about 15 minutes later, I'm winning my Poker!
Nalyn called it beginner's luck, and I just called it just plain luck. Haha. Cause you really don't do anything but wait for your cards and use sound judgment based on your guts. Unlike chess. That game tortures me. Haha. I'm sounding really dumb.
Speaking of dumbness, I nearly lost all my dignity and my friends' respect when I blurted out, "Ah dito pala nakuha yung "poker face?!" They thought I was kidding but really, I have absolutely no idea what poker was prior to this night.
Ok so we now have our little poker group named, yes, see title of this post. If we're feeling celebrity poker we assume our dead celebrity identities, me being Jay Ilagan. We have an alternative poker names too, mine's The Unfolded and Hung, cause I never fold and I'm well hung.
I'm so dumb, it's entertaining.


Larius said...

dude, as soon as you start raking in the monies, i am coming for ya ta get my cut. how does 25% sound? no?

nalyn soriano said...

hey, why aren't you posting our last game where you won?!?!? yiheee!

Unknown said...

Hey Elvin! At least marunong kang mag-chess. Natawa ako dun sa "well hung." Haha! :))

Jake said...