Indiyanan part 2

Friday the 13th. And the newscasts are blaming Jason's favorite date for that freaky elevator death in a hospital.

After the Maxwell training (Day 2), Issa and I met up for a dinner we've been planning for a week. The plan was to go to our old office, meet our former co-workers and go somewhere we can talk, laugh and gain weight. Niko was a no-show, citing the almighty OT. So we just stayed there at our old tower, with me staging a little office gig. The weeklong plan of a good weekend dinner was realized with microwaveable dinners from 7-11's Jolli-ant.

"Just like the old days," said Issa.


Larius said...

sold out nga gig mo e. and to think it wasn't even well-promoted. now that's what i call drawing power.

Elvin said...

It's in the audience Larry. The difference is in the audience. Haha.