AJ Tabaldo is (Part) Filipino

One question that's been constantly popping in the American Idol-related message boards ever since the TOP 24 spoiler list came out is "Who is AJ Tabaldo?" Common follow-up questions include "Why haven't we seen him yet?" and "Is he Filipino?"


Q: What would people be surprised to learn about you?
A: I’m an ethnic mutt! I’m part Filipino and Portuguese with Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese.

AJ Tabaldo (Current Season)

Other Pinoys who made it to the semi-finals/finals:

Sway Penala (season 5)

Camile Velasco (Season 3)

Jasmine Trias (Season 3)

Jordan Segundo Season 2

Hahaha. Filipinos in 4 out of 6 seasons. Not bad.


meganyoung said...

they all look constipated, hehe

Anonymous said...

Brad Estrin from season 1 is a pinoy. He even attended as a guest judge on the Barang-gay idol in LA. LOL!

Quiet ka lang!

Iwa Moto