This Idol recap is bereft of any feeling

Not. In fact, It's time to get "badder" and meaner. It's the finals after all.

The country is now experiencing two things very much familiar to any Idol fan in the world. First, the difficulty in casting votes due to the busy-ness of the network (It could be because of Milenyo though), and second, the long long long wait between Saturday 10 pm till they kick out someone on Sunday at about 9:45 pm. This was not difficult on our part when we're closely following American Idol cause we just sleep and when we wake up, someone's already booted out.

But now, we have to wait because, "Ito (dramatic pause)... ang Philippine Idol!


Because it is the BIG finals night, they added some railings and stairways and some hanging steel bars to the stage. Later on, we will see one finalist whom we shall call "Jolina's cousin" making full use of these steel bars and stairs.

Again, Ryan introduces the TOP 12. Then the judges. And then Koya Mel Villena. The camera shows Miguel's butt and Mr. Chargen Operator labels Miguel's butt as "Mel Villena". And then Ryan informs us that the TOP 12 shall be singing nothing but OPM. Good old OPM...AND... they should dedicate these OPMs to anyone.

The guys all look the same as when we first saw all of them during the auditions. But the girls, they change appearances from time to time. Three of them look like bonafide stars. Two of them look like BB.Pilipinas candidates slash divas. And one of them seem to have skipped rehearsals and spent all her idle Idol time in the kitchen instead, hence her very healthy ARMS.

Armarie Cruz opens up the finals season with a song called Araw-Araw, Gabi-Gabi by Didith Reyes. Idol episodes rarely open with a ballad but we will find out that they really don't have much choice since all but two will be singing ballads. There goes Armarie again with her grunting voice which makes her sound like a singing Cookie Monster. The judges, probably learning from Tuesday and Arnell, are now interacting among themselves and trying to come up with comments that aren't so generic that you can use them to critique any random singer. They say Armarie is too old fashioned, which is true. And it's sayang because she has a unique, commanding and powerful voice, she looks like someone with a bubbly yet strong and interesting personality, but she acts, sings and behaves like someone's pregnant auntie, bereft of her youth, which is not too good unless she's trying to do something noble by breaking the popstar stereotype or something like that.

Jeli with a single L picks Iisa Pa Lamang and dedicates it to her parents and brother which is not right cause this song is about loving someone even if that someone left you for another lover. Jeli reminds us that she is more than just a pretty face because she is a lounge singer too. And what a success! Her performance has "LOUNGE SINGER" written all over my surplus NEC TV screen, from the guitar intro, to the lighting and the movements. Jeli is pretty as usual and may i reiterate that she has a very haunting and beautiful voice when she's not hitting the high notes. Her high notes however makes me nervous but it's ok and she gets by and the judges commend her improvement. Jeli thanks the judges for making her a better person probably because she went through a spiritual retreat with them. Then with her Puss N Boots eyes, she asks us to vote for her and she is nothing but bereft of any emotion.

Reymond Sajor tells us again of his fluorishing career in Canada and I think Ryan Agoncillo hates him cause he's making Reymond's name sound like "Reymond's a whore!" when he says it. Reymond's a whore, in his ube candy outfit, sings Hindi Magbabago and I like it because although he's a theater performer, he doesn't make his performance look like a theater performance (unlike the finalist sharing a last name with the ka-love team of an actor who is a namesake of a famous martian). He sustains his voice till the very end and surprises us with a where-did-that-come-from high note which should do it for this birit-crazy music industry. Reymond's a whore has this distinct way of saying "Thank You!" which we first heard from him when he got in the Top 12. Maybe it's a Canadian thing. Pilita gives Reymond's a whore a pop quiz which made the remaining singer backstage ask Koya Mel the composer of their pieces. Pilita offers Reymond's a whore a job her restaurant (Ube delicacy Mascot?) but maybe just because Pilita isn't paying attention. Reymond's a whore has repeatedly told us that he has a wonderful career back in Canada and he's not bereft of a good life.

I'm not sure anymore if I'm using the word "bereft" correctly. So I'll stop.

Fourth performer Apple Chiu (The Artist Formerly Known as Cherry) wants to be taken seriously so she sings the 4th power ballad of the night, the very serious and the very boring Ngayon, for her lola. For some reason, I don't like this song. It has been sung in every amateur singing contest in the country. But Ms. Chiu has this magic she uses on me everytime that no matter how obscure, obnoxious or annoying her song is, she gets my attention and she makes me like her performance. She had me at Ispageting Pababa. (And Pilita baptizes Apple as Banana. How hilarious.)

Stef Lazaro sings Vina Morales' wide-mouthed version of Pangako Sa'yo. FM previously commented on Stef being overly emotional so she controls herself this time, avoiding any form of dramatic facial expression and grins through the whole song. Stef is losing weight. She doesn't have those huge ARMS anymore. Stef, by trying to deliver a performance bereft of any emotion (oops i slipped), loses her diva stance and her performance was bereft (ooops) of a major wow factor. Ryan Cayabyab airs his boredom and Ryan Agoncillo must be hating Cayabyab since he's laughing since the episode began probably emphasizing that he's having a grand time while Cayabyab is bored beyond recognition.

My bet Ken Ken (Bakit s'ya? ask my friends and I just tell them Because Ken Ken can!), Ken Dingle stops looking like Jeffrey Hidalgo and starts looking like James Coronel. Will he look like Tony Lambino or Geneva Cruz in the future episodes? Apparently, Ken Ken stops being sick as well. Bereft of any illness, he tries to sexify Gary Valenciano's 'Di Na Natuto. Unfortunately, it works on Pilita only. What was that neck movement about? Hahaha. FM says he doesn't like vocal kulots which is sad because I am a fan of vocal kulots and when I join Idol, I'm gonna sing Mga Kababayan or Man From Manila and make every note a kulot note, just to annoy him. I don't know if Ken Ken's vocal is back in its top shape but I did notice the stray notes Mr. C is talking about. Plus the last note had several friends text barraging me in real time --> "Hahaha may sabit si Ken Dingle!"

Jan Kurt Nieto isn't one of my favorites. But I hope he doesn't get voted out yet cause his performance is my cue to go to the fridge and look for something to drink or eat, go to the rest room and mind my business or reply to my text messages. One glance at the TV and I saw a giant person in leather jacket singing a ballad about being together while raining.

MAU! Week after week I look forward to Mau's performance, even her parts in their corny group performances. This time she sings, Minsan lang Kita Iibigin, not a Mau song in my opinion cause it doesn't showcase what her voice can do. Technically it's OK but we already know that right? We already know that Mau can sing a song like that so she should stop doing performanes like that and go for, yes Mr. Francis Magalona I agree with you 100% - VARIETY. While she's performing, I played Till My Heartaches End in my head and it looks identical with MLKI. Step up, Mau! Move on to the next level.

Hallelujah! The very first non-Kundiman OPM song for the night! Gian Magdangal sings Rivermaya's Himala while paying homage to his theater roots. Gian performs like Christian Bautista and Sam Concepcion combined. (As I'm typing this, a co-worker texts, "Please text Gian to 2339 at least 20x please. that's only P5o!"). Gian runs around the stage and while he's up the stairs, the camera shows him in a really "mahalay" angle. Then the judges crown him the Philippine Idol. What more can I say.

Drae sings Hang On by Gary Valenciano. Drae is not his usual smooth vocalist self. He looks harassed and stressed too. Drae delivers a very normal performance, normal meaning decent but bereft of any star factor or impact. I can't say anything more.

Pow goes Paula Patricia Chavez! Girl picks Nakapagtataka, Rachel Alejandro versions says she. In her crooner outfit she sings the the song, initially in her Jackson 5 voice which quivers and shakes a bit. But towards the end when she's already rocking the song out, her voice becomes more solid and pleasant. FM ties Pow with Gian for the PI title and Mr. C comments on Pow's emotions and her performance's femininity. I'm not sure if Pow likes that comment.

Youngest singer Miguel sings Afterimage's Next In Line for his friends, complains about nothing to do but sleep, eat work in his cruel life. It's good that Miguel picked a young song, and not just another love-power-ballad-kundiman OPM. This song choice made a big difference considering Miguel's performance during the semi-finals. Arms can take a few tips from young Miguel. FM says something to the effect of Miguel not having the best voice in the competition, which is somewhat true. And also, Mr. C says it all. His performance was a nice ending to one idol episode bereft of any pop star fun and spark.

What a tiring and emotionally-draining episode. Really.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a Ken Ken fan, but since YOU are, I thought you'd like these. This is a product of boredom. lovely recap. i still miss AI.


Anonymous said...

Aliw, Elvin. Great recap, as usual!

Elvin said...

patty: thanks for the dinglehopper icons. i had to wikipedia what a dinglehopper is. hahaha.

jove: thanks a lot for reading. hope to see you again here.