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Pow Ting Ynah Mau!

No. They are not the top 4 girls (though Pow is one of them). I just came up with that cause it sounds like the all-time favorite Filipino cuss word. Haha. Galing no? I came up with that first. Copyright 2006 by me.

Anyway, we get what we deserve. People of the Philippines, OUR top 12:

Tonights results show can be best described by these headlines:

1. Finally, Juday and Mommy Carol get prime seats
2. Jasmine's career highlight - her 1000th Inseperable performance
3. Jasmine shares Idol wisdom to PI ladies
4. Mel Villena to pay royalties for playing the Happy Birthday song
5. Kris Aquino sends feelers to Idol produs for possible endorsement deals
6. Ryan's judges comments recap - pointless.
7. Early frontrunners Ira and EJ fail to get into top 6
8. Armed and Dangerous - Arms enters TOP 12
9. I don't think you're ready for this Jelli - Jelli makes it, shocks herself
10. Apple defies gravity, rises to top 12
11. It's Mau or Pow, Judges think its Pow
12. Pow outwows Mau, completes this week's top 4
13. Arms puts arms around Mau
14. Wildcard qualifiers to be announced tomorrow
15. Farm boy comes clean; Says he secretly power voted for Jelli