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Good Day Sunlight, I'd like to say how truly bright you are

I'm not so angry anymore.

Not just because ABC-5 is running a Kyla music video marathon, sponsored by PCSO, as I type (I should watch more ABC 5 and I should start buying sweepstakes tickets). Now it's showing "Ngayong Wala Ka Na" with Kyla doing the R & B superstar side to side head bob.

Not just because the sight of Iya Villania wearing a vegetable on "U Can Dance" (the copycat show of all copycat shows) made me laugh in complete abandon.

Not just because I'm wearing a very happy mustard yellow shirt.

Not just because I posted a totally irrelevant picture.

I'm not so angry anymore primarily because I decided to be kinder to myself by giving peace of mind a chance.

It's a wonder how letting go of excess baggage, accepting truths that I cannot change and learning to embrace life's imperfections can make a difference.

Then ABC-5 signs off on me.


Kat said...

welcome back elvin!