Chika Minute: Anong meron ang Piang happy?

Because I got a tremendous amount of hits when I posted the Gretchen incident, and the Pinoy Big Brother e-mail hoax, I'm doing it (tsismis e-mail posting) again. This time It's the Pia Guanio incident. Have fun!


Mag-ingat kay Pia Guanio

Gusto ko lang i share ang isang di kanais nais na experience ko sa isang mall with Pia Guanio. We all know her, thanks to her noontime show,news program and S-files. We see her everday on tv looking nice and ACTING nice.
I saw her last Wednesday, Mar 1 at around 3 pm sa Gateway, she was with another girl and I was with my 12 yr old son. My son really likes her.
When he saw her, right away, he was star struck. He asked me to take his picture with her using his cellphone. Pia went inside Beauty Bar and I was shy to approach her. My son and I went inside Beauty Bar but Pia was busy trying out make-up and I did not want to bother her. I also got engrossed with getting some toiletries that I have forgotten about her. My son told me Pia was already leaving the place. I hurriedly paid for my purchase and left.

Pia and her friend were several feet away from us and went inside Fornarina. I told my son "let's just wait till they come out." My son and I did some window shopping near Marks and Spencer and waited for Pia.

After 10 minutes, she came out. I was looking at her, smiling, getting ready to say hi. She smiled back and went inside Marks and Spencer. I went in, too, following her. My son in tow, we approached her but stopped when I heard her whisper loudly to the other girl:

were her exact words. Embarassed and seeing the shocked look in my son's face, I gathered my guts and told Pia, "sorry, didn't mean to scare you. my son is your fan, he just wants his picture taken with you.pasensiya na."

I expected her to give in after my explanation but to my surprise, she said,

I told her that was not necessary and I apologized again for the inconvenience. My son and I
left Marks and Spencer and my son said, "akala ko mabait, sungit pala!" I told my son jokingly, "mukha siguro tayong stalker" and laughed just to make my son feel better after that incident.

I treated my son at Taco Bell and were having a good meal when Pia and her friend stepped in. Upon seeing us, she told her friend,

and left.

I do not know what makes Pia Guanio think that a 30 yr old mom and her 12 yr old son could possible stalk and hurt her? I am a 112-lb., 5"3 woman and my son is just as tall as me. I was dressed properly, and so was my son.

It is so disappointing to know that someone as popular as her can not deal with fame. I have stopped watching her shows and my son has decided not to be her fan anymore.

So next time you see Pia Guanio in the mall, ignore her or else you might end up in jail.



Anonymous said...

That sucks. Big time. She seemed really nice when I first met her. I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt, that maybe she was having a bad day or something. But judging from the things she said, seems all ego to me. Such haughtiness is extremely unattractive.

Anonymous said...

that sucks!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hay... looks can be deceiving tlga. Akala ko din tlaga mabait sya kasi un ang prinoproject nya sa cam lalo na pag nasa eat bulaga sya., super fake pala., hindi dapat sya sa eat bulaga, nagkukunwari lang pala sya...