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66 killed in WOWOWEE anniversary show

from Yahoo! News:
At Least 66 Killed in Manila Stampede

MANILA, Philippines - A stampede broke out early Saturday outside a stadium near Manila where tens of thousands of people had lined up to watch to watch a popular game show, and at least 66 members of the crowd were killed, an official said.

About 30,000 people were waiting to get inside the stadium to watch the show when the mayhem erupted, said Vicente Eusebio, the mayor of Pasig, the Manila suburb where the stampede occurred. He said at least 66 people died — all but three of them women.

"There were so many people, but they did not want to open the gate and two of our companions died," a weeping woman told DZBB radio outside the stadium.

Lito Vergel de Dios, executive director of Metro Manila Development Authority, told a Manila radio station that one witness said somebody in the crowd shouted there was a bomb. There was no sign of any explosion.

Authorities were collecting the dead and lining up the bodies at the stadium for identification as bags and shoes lay scattered outside the hall.

Police Superintendent Gerry Galvan said at least 50 people died at the stadium and the rest were taken to hospitals.

People had lined up for two days to get tickets for the show, organized by ABS-CBN TV.