Why didn't they call this movie SCREAM when its tagalog title is SIGAW?

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Pantene RED is Iza Calzado's new favorite shampoo.

Finally, I got to watch SIGAW (International title: The Echo). I've been looking for a copy of this movie everywhere not only because I'm in love with asian horror movies (Pinoy movies are asian movies, right?) but also because Yam Laranas is my favorite local movie director. Kuya Yam (close kami, haha) does movies that are just so pleasurable to watch because every scene is an amazing visual narration. You can watch his movies on mute and still get the the message complete with all its moods and emotions. Very Kurosawa, or very Akira.

Thankfully, VIDEO CITY has SIGAW. I took it with The Eye 2 (the movie with the pregnant woman who keeps falling off a hospital window but just couldn't die) but I watched SIGAW first.

Ok. So SIGAW is about Richard's character buying an ugly apartment unit with lazy administrators and neighbors who seldom turn the lights on making every hallway and corridor very very eerie. In fact, the only light you'll see in the corridor is the bleak light that shines on a very mysterious girl who clutches her doll all the time.

The girl of course is Ella Guevarra, Iza Calzado and Jomari Yllnana's daughter. They're all ghosts by the way. And their favorite pastime is re-enacting what happened to the three of them the night they were all killed.

ANyway, here's my condensed version of the screenplay. it's a little erroneous so you better not take this as the substitute for the actual film:

Angel Locsin: I don't like your unit. I'll go find you another one.
Richard: I like this unit now even if I keep having visions of bloody Iza hanging over my bed, or Ella jumping up and down my bed then vanishing. I like it even if htere's a starnge image of Iza on my ceiling and Iza keeps banging on my door every night. Now, go home Angel Locsin!
Jomari: Stupid Iza! I think that child is not mine! You have another man in this building! You see each other every night! I will kill you with this batuta!
Iza: Nooo! I'll run to Jude's (James Blanco) room and knock on his door like crazy, asking him to help me and my daughter!
Jude: I don't want to help you! I'll stay inside my room till you all get killed!
Richard: I'm not Jude! Why are you knocking on my door! I'll leave my room and let Ronnie Lazaro, the building's caretaker explain everything to me!

Upon knowing the whole story, Richard went home to his parents' house.

Angel: I once saw a woman knocking on Richard's door. She must be his other girl. i'll confront her. I'll go to the girl's unit without Richard knowing! Eeeek! Why am I suddenly being attacked by an unseen being! Oh it's hurting me and giving me bruises! Eeeek! I'll escape! I'll tell Richard! And we'll watch a movie after.

SM Cinema:

Angel: Richard I must pee. Pee pee pee. Gasp! Blood trickling. Eeek! Ella's bloody hands! I must run!

Richard: They're following us everywhere I must end this!

Richard's unit:

Iza: Jude! Jude! Help us!
Richard: Ok I'll help you!
Jomari: Don't!
Iza: I got your gun! I'll shoot you! Bang! Bang!

Me: Gasp! Jomari the ghost died of gunshot!
Iza: it's over

1. Never ever get an ugly apartment. It's full of ghosts with thespic inclinations who'd stage "The STory Of Our death" every night.
2. A horror movie can be scary even without relying heavily on Cecille Baun's prosthetics.
3. There is a pinoy horror movie that doesn't have to be "de gulat" (the horror equivalent of slapstick comedy) in order to be scary. The atmosphere of SIGAW is scary all throughout.
4. You do not need all the members of the Kapisanan ng mga Artista ng Pelikulang pilipino to create an effective movie. This movie only used about 10, extras included.
5. You do not need to memorize anything to win a MEtro Manila Film Fest Best Child Performer Award. All Ella needed was "Inay! Inay! Inay!"
6. It is good to help strangers. Especially when they have bleeding heads, and even if they press all the buttons of the elevator.

Oh just watch the movie! It's only 15pesos at VIDEO CITY!


e said...

Thanks for the post Elvin! Scream has been used...that's why : ) THE ECHO feels more haunting. Cheers!

Elvin said...

wow. thanks for the comment.

*star struck*

Kat said...

Classic Elvin post. Hehe. :)

Elvin said...


*star struck pa rin*

Elvin said...

Pero joke lang naman yung title ko e. Nakakahiya tuloy. Haha.

TwistedHalo said...

nyahaha! :)

Anonymous said...

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