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When I found my missing stapler after six long months, I showed no enthusiasm. And that's exactly what I'm gonna do when I see you again.

Today I taped my name on the stapler just to show everyone that it's mine. I made identifying marks so that I'll never lose it again.

Maybe I should do the same with you.

Contrary to your belief, I care.

Because if I don't, I should have let you eat at Hen Lin until the lousy customer service and the long waiting kill you.

You cared. I believe that.

Because if you didn't, I couldn't have waken up in the middle of that one extremely cold night with a blanket that wasn't there before I slept.

You see, everything around us is mysterious.

As mysterious as your toothbrush being wet when you get home after a long day's work.

But still you use the toothbrush. Because the nearest 7-11 closed shop and you can't sleep without brushing your teeth.

And because there's no one home.