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Christmas adobo and sax music

Merry Christmas!

Last night was the first Christmas eve I spent without my family. I
stayed in my apartment with another family (The Simpsons, the yellow
ones not Jessica and Ashlee) and you know what? I just learned how to
cook adobo. Marvelous! My porkchop adobo (it was the only part I found
in the freezer) turned out more than alright. And I did it without a
coach or a cookbook.

But too sad, I was only cooking for one. For the Simpsons can really eat adobo.

Later that night, I planned to spend the rest of Christmas eve with
Maria and the kids singing Do Re Mi and So Long, Farewell but I
thought that will just make things gloomier for that movie was the
betamax of choice whenever we, cousins, want to watch something
together on Christmas eves (we were kids then, it's completely ok,

I woke up at 5 this morning. It's the first time that my phone alarm
succeeded in waking me up.

I got up early so as to not run out of bus seats on my way to my
hometown. If that happens, I shall be sitting on a biscuit can, for
the entire 9-hour trip.

I should have taken my time. I'm the bus' first passenger.

The roads, including EDSA, were really clear, you can play football on
them. The taxi drivers aren't choosy and right now, there are just
about 20 of us waiting in the terminal. On normal peak days, this
place is hell. But now, it's just one chilly place with a louspeaker
blaring loud sax music for some reason.

As the radio in the cab I rode said, everything is alright and uptight.

Was that Green Day?

I'm coming home. Christmas for me is still merry after all.

P.S. if something weird happens to this post, it's because i'm using
mobile gmail.