Campaign for Unreal Beauty

Come join me in this fun new game.

We all know that there's this global campaign by a brand of soap that's not actually soap cause it's moisturizer. The campaign aims to break stereotypes by emphasizing the importance of "real beauty" (while selling soap that can make you "beautiful." Riggght.).

Here in Metro Manila, they, of course, adapted the campaign and they chose Guadalupe's giant billboard site to be the home of their giant lady. The billboard urges the people to vote, whether they see the more than healthy lady as "extra-sexy" or "extra large".

As of this writing (haha), more voters think that the lady is "extra-large".

So here's our game. We all know that this brand of soap that's not soap is all for "real beauty" and they want (and need) "Extra-Sexy" to win.

The point of our little game is - we're not gonna let them win.

Let's vote by texting:

[insert four-letter name of the soap here] I VOTE [your choice here] to 3993

Here are our choices by the way:

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Or if you don't want to spend P2.50, you can vote online. Go to [insert the name of the campaign here].ph.

Remember, this is just a game. So let's have fun.


Elvin said...

what the?

Anonymous said...

haha! private road construction?! wtf?!

napanood ko yun sa ch. 7 ata? yung si julia clarete nag-iinterview ng mga guys and they all answered extra-large! guys...

caramel cream said...

may kamukha yung poster girl. di ko lang ma-pin down. pwede ring mrs. doubtfire. babae ba syang tunay? oops..