They're at it again.

This time, them taxi operators want the minimum flagdown rate raised from P30 to P50. That's a one-piece Mini-Stop fried chicken meal already! (It's the most underrated chicken by the way. Extremely cripy yet still tasty and juicy. Comes in monster sizes too)

I thank God I'm not Elena. That Elena from the LTFRB has the most difficult job in this planet. She can make thousands of jeepney drivers really angry at the mere sight of her face. When drivers hear her voice during Star FM or Yes FM's news breaks, they curse and curse and curse like it's the end of the world.

I had the chance to meet Elena by the way. THE Elena. In the flesh. But I didn't go.

It all started when I reported a taxi for its hi-speed meter. You all should try it too sometimes. Have you noticed the LTFRB hotlines splattered on all the public utility vehicles' rears? They're there for a reason. YOu can actually report a vehicle, especially a cab for these violations:

a. contracting passengers
b. overcharging passengers
c. arrogant & discourteous driver
d. refusal to convey passenger
e. fast meter
f. no flagdown of meter
g. hit and run
h. threatening passenger
i. reckless driver
j. discrimination of passenger
k. refusal to grant fare discount
l. others

These violations came from the official LTFRB complaint document.

Where was I?

Oh. Elena. So I called one of the hotlines. The mobile number wasn't working then so I called the non-mobile one. Hehe. Fast forward to three weeks after - Elena sent me a SUMMON! Via 2GO door to door 24-hour delivery! Asking me to respond within 10 days after receipt of summon!

And my name and address and phone number was on it. Copy furnished: The taxi operator. If I end up dead due to any taxi-related reason...hmmm.

Wow Elena was really serious. And she wanted me to appear in a hearing.

And you know what, If I replied via a door to door deliverer and went to the office for the hearing, i could have spent more money that what I've overspent when I rode the taxi with a hi-speed meter.

So I didn't go to see Elena. And I just forgot what the taxi did to me. And I hope he'll do the same. Hehe. Scaredy.


I got a Jollibee-Star Wars R2D2 Lunch box, which I will use as a something else box. Washing grease off a plastic lunch box is always a time-consuming and arduous task.


Mathew Hanger said...

wow! umaaksyon na ng ganyan ang LTFRB? but with all the hassles, sino nga naman may gustong magreklamo...

Anonymous said...

Elvin and Elena. Sounds good. Tastes even better. Hehehe...

Elvin said...

Mathew: Oo nga. Wala pang witness protection program.

swim_bud: Ampanget. Elvin and Elena. Haha.

Anonymous said...

may summons agad? and they furnished the taxi driver with your name and address? pano kung topak si mr. taxi driver... at kapitbahay mo pala!?! scaredy nga!

Leah said...

star witnesses have been known to mysteriously disappear.

Elvin said...

auntie glad: very scary.
lei: *poof*